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Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours is an officially registered tour service company both in the United States of America and Canada. The company is an approved and recognized agency accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours is licenced by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia to process Hajj & Umrah visas. We specialize in Hajj & Umrah services throughout the year. Abu Mu’aaz speaks Arabic & English fluently and his experience in the Middle East, providing the services of Hajj & Umrah, goes back to 1978. During the Hajj seasons, the company provides services in several languages including Arabic, English, Bangla, Urdu and French. Abu Mu’aaz will take you through the Middle Eastern countries in comfort and style.

The Royal Jordanian is the Airline of Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours. Fly non-stop to Amman, the Gateway to the Middle East with suitable connections to the Far East & Asia. Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours will fly you in wide-bodied, four-engine A340 Airbus, the latest and most advanced European manufactured aircraft, offering passengers more conveniences with its extended lounges and comfortable seat spacing. Fly with Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours in comfort & safety and enjoy the spacious 250-seat roomy & newly acquired A340-200 aircraft. We offer Hajj packages at competitive prices. We also make arrangements for those who want special custom packages including Ziyarah (visit) to several historical sites in Makkah & Medinah. This includes King Fahd complex where the Quran is printed in numerous languages; Masjid Quba (first mosque in Islam); Masjid Qiblatine; the Battlefield of Uhud; the Battle of Khandaq; Al-Baqi; (the burial ground) Masjid Annabawi; (Prophet’s Mosque) & his Grave. Also, visits to Arafah, Muzdalifah, Mina, the Cave of Hira on Jabal Noor (Place of first Revelation), the Mount of Mercy, the grave of Khadijah, the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peaceand other places. Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours also provides extended tours to Jordan, Syria, Egypt and other countries. Abu Mu’aaz will personally accompany the group to some of these various places.


Our Most Popular Package

We promote the Super Economy package and more than 90% of the Hajjis take this one. It is the most economical & reasonable within the reaches of the middleman; adequate necessary services to make your stay enjoyable. Moreover, it is very comfortable for the average person with a bit of luxury in Medinah in 4/5-star hotels like the Sheraton, Intercontinental, Hilton, Dallah Taibah & Sofaraa Al-Huda. Of course, we do have a few affluent Hajjis who want more privacy and more services, so we provide the Deluxe Package for small families and the Super Deluxe Package for couples. The choice is yours.

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