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Test, Trial, Tribulations and Examinations

  TESTS, TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS & EXAMINATIONS To all my friends and foes, relatives and neighbors, colleagues and students, all sincere Imams and teachers, all wicked Imams and wicked followers, all Muslims and non-Muslims, old and young, males & females, all housewives and children, all close allies and […]

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General Advice & Matters of Great Importance

General Advice & Matters of Great Importance¬† The following is incumbent upon the Muhrim for Hajj or Umrah: 1. To be conscious at all times, of his religious obligations towards Allah, The Almighty, such as prayer in its earliest time and in congregation. (for males). 2. To […]

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Some Prohibitions in Islam

Some Prohibitions in Islam Adultery: Allah the Exalted says: (Do not come near to adultery, for it is a shameful deed and an evil path) (17:32) Privacy with strange women: Some of the ways of Satan is to put people on filthy things such as privacy with […]

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