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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Hotlines and Procedures

Our Emergency Procedures are put in place as soon as we land in Amman. Please familiar yourself with the following rules which are applicable for both Jordan and Saudi Arabia. We do not anticipate any problems in Jordan, where most people speak English. However, in Saudi Arabia, English is not well spoken by the Locals, and many streets do not have names. Every year, thousands of pilgrims do get lost or displaced. Many are disoriented and cannot find their way back to the hotels.

  1. Do not separate yourself from the Group without first asking permission, OR let someone know where you will be.
  2. Always follow directions from your Group Leader, even if you think you know better. Please do not argue with the professional Group Leader who knows what he is doing.
  3. Always wear your ID badges which are provided for your safety and comfort. Try to memorize the telephone numbers on your ID badges.
  4. In case you get lost or separated from the Group, please call the special emergency numbers listed on your ID badges. We will duplicate the numbers at the end of this memo.
  5. Our trained staff will come to your assistance within the hour and will bring you back to your hotel. In Makkah, our hotel Dar-al-Ghufran is in the direction of DOOR # 01 of the Grand Mosque, for HAJJ. That is in the direction of King Abdul Aziz door, leading to AJYAAD. Our Apartment Hotel, Al-Jaabiry is in Aziziyah, near Sharih Sidqi (Sidqi Street) 15 minutes walk to Big Jamarah.
  6. At least try to know the nearest DOOR EXIT of the Grand Mosque in the direction of your hotel. You must memorize the DOOR EXIT number. It will save you plenty of headache and problems. There are 95 doors or gates of the Great Mosque numbered in an anti-clockwise direction.
  7. Below is a list of hotels & emergency numbers which you should memorize if you can.

These telephone numbers are put in place for your safety and comfort:

1. Dar Al- Gufran Hotel, Makkah:     012-576 8888

2. Sofaraa Al Huda Hotel in Medina:   014-820 5550

3. Emergency hotline (ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES)  050-833-8496  (24 hrs)

4. Emergency hotline (ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES)  050-983-1536  (24 hrs)

5. Emergency hotline (ONLY FOR EMERGENCIES)  050-971-9632  (24 hrs)

6. Mustashfa Ajyad (Hospital) 911    ( 5 mins away by ambulance)

7. Mustashfa Noor  (Hospital)  911   ( 11 mins away by ambulance)

In addition you can call members of our support staff :

Abbas Saleh:    059 745 1705

Maajid Abdoo   050-968-5808

Abdulla Haaj     050-758-8692

We are always fortunate to have a team of volunteer Medical Doctors in our Group to render routine services to our Pilgrims. In Emergency cases, we will call the ambulance and shuttle you to either Ajyaad Hospital or Noor Hospital.

Medical Services are provided free of charge to Pilgrims.

Should you be hospitalized for a longer than expected period, then we will arrange with our Local Representatives to visit you regularly.

We will inform your relatives overseas, with your permission, and if possible arrange visitor visas for them to visit you.

In case of death, we will make all arrangements for your burial. We will inform the US Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia of your case. We will assist to get the necessary Death Certificates and other related documents.

We will extend all help and services possible to bring you back home at your expense.

Our Airline is the Royal Jordanian Airlines, the second best Middle East Airline

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