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Selecting a Hajj Group

Selecting a Hajj Group

Tips for selecting a reputable Hajj & Umrah Agency and what you should ask for. 

Every year pilgrims are faced with unpleasant surprises from their Hajj Agencies when performing their Hajj or Umrah in the sacred lands. They are being approached for more money; they are dumped in substandard hotels (far beyond their agreed arrangement); and services are curtailed (not delivered as expected). As the Hajj season is fast approaching it is our intention to caution the general Muslim community.

 We present to you below some important points when selecting the services of your guide for Hajj & Umrah services:

  1. Find out about the standard of your hotels both in Makkah & Medina. Ask for names of hotels. Some companies just mention 4/5 star hotels without names. Sometimes the hotels are far away for easy walking, and are substandard.
  1. Find out how far away from the Haram are the hotels. Some companies mislead the Hajjis with 5 star hotels to divert their attention of the great distance away. Shuttle buses may be needed
  1. Ask how long the Agent’s experience in this field, and with reference. Some agents go every year, but they do not have experience. They do not know the rules, regulations and Hajj procedures
  1. Ask for how many people per room in Makkah & Medina. Some agents add morepeople to rooms than agreed on. Ask for specific numbers. Washroom facilities etc may play a role.
  1. Find out if meals are included in the package and how many meals. Also, ask if meals are served in Mina & Arafat. A large number of Hajjis find it very difficult to obtain meals in Arafat.
  1. Find out what arrangements are being made for Mina, Muzdalifah & Arafat. Many Hajjis are sometimes left out, and accommodation in tents are not readily available for them.
  1. Ask about hotel arrangement upgrades and additional costs. The names of hotels are important. This will give an idea of standard and location. Many Groups offer upgrades for additional costs. Upgrades will depend upon your choice.
  1. Ask about airline stopovers and additional costs. Our company provides free stopovers with no additional costs. We offer free services during your stopover.
  1. Ask about special arrangements for handicapped people (wheelchairs, etc.). Some Groups may offer assistance, while others may direct you to the specialists for wheelchair bound Hajjis.
  1. Flyers are usually vague and misleading. Ask for complete details. Websites are colorful and attractive but deceiving. Do not hesitate to ask for details.
  1. Find out about Hajj requirements. This depends on your nationality and legal status. The requirement may vary slightly from person to person.
  1. Ask if the Hajj Operator is approved (Licensed) by the Saudi Ministry of  Hajj for providing Hajj Services, or through 3rd party. Many Hajjis suffer greatly with 3rdparty arrangements. The Hajj Operator is fully responsible for the welfare of the Hajjis. When the Hajj Operator is not licensed, he buys his package from other licenced operators. He now depends on that Licensed Operator who, on several occasions do not fulfill his obligations.
  1. Ask in detail, generally, what is covered and what is not covered. Do not accept vague answers.
  1. Tell your Hajj Agency that its Hajj Flyer is part of your agreement if it satisfies you. A Hajj Operator should always fulfill his promises on his Hajj Flyer.


Abu Mu’aaz Hajj & Umrah Tours is an accredited agent for Hajj & Umrah services and has satisfactorily provided services based on the above. We deliver what we say.
You get what you paid for. Our agents in Jeddah, Makkahh & Medinah always provide exceptional services and we will go that extra mile to make your Hajj easy.

You get what you paid for. Our agents in Jeddah, Makkahh & Medinah always provide exceptional services and we will go that extra mile to make your Hajj easy.

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