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Tues Aug 14
Depart JFK at 10:00 pm for Jeddah via Amman
Wednesday Aug 15
Arrive Jeddah, clear customs, immigration & Hajj related formalities. Depart for Makkah Hotel, check-in at Aziziyah Hotel. Perform Umrah, Tawaf and Sa’ee and change into regular clothing.
Thursday Aug 16
Perform Tawaf of Ka’aba, Salaah, prayers & supplications. Some time for shopping
Friday Aug 17
Juma Salah in Haram. Saturday Aug 18: Free time for shopping and other things.
Sunday Aug 19
Depart for Mina in IHRAM any time after 01:00 hrs (after midnight) depending on buses.
Sun Aug 19
Arriving in Mina 08 Zil Hijjah and overnight in Mina in comfortable Sofa Bed with meals. This is 8th of Zil Hijjah ( Yaum Tarwiyah). In Mina the Zuhr, Asr & Esha prayers are performed with Qasr. (shortened prayers, not combined) This is a strong authentic Sunnah. Maghrib & Fajr remain the same.
Mon. Aug 20
This is 9th of Zil Hijjah, Day of Arafah. Day of Hajj. Depart for Arafah after Fajr. The Zuhr & Asr prayers are shortened and combined in Zuhr time. After sunset, depart for Muzdalifah & overnight, combine Maghrib & Esha prayers in Esha time. Collect 49 pebbles for stoning. You may collect extra just in case you lose some.
Tuesday Aug 21
This is 10th Zil Hijjah, day of EID. After Fajr, depart for Mina & perform four rituals: 1. Stoning of Big Jamarah only. 2. Zabihah (sacrifice) 3. Shaving of hair. (Clipping is permissible; shaving is better) 4. Tawaf al Ifadah & Saee in Makkah & return to Mina and overnight.
Wed & Thr: 11th & 12th Zil Hijjah
Stay in Mina and stone the Jamaraat (all three of them) Return to Makkah before sunset on Thursday 12th Zil Hijjah (Aug 23)
Friday 24 Aug
Free time for Juma prayers, TAWAF AL-WIDA’A (farewell Tawaf) at night
Saturday 25 Aug
Depart for Medina by AC coach, and arriving Dallah Taiba Hotel Insha Allah for dinner.
Sun/Mon 26,27 Aug
Free days for prayers, ziyaarah and shopping
Tues and Wed 28 & 29
Free days for prayers and shopping
Thursday 30 Aug
Depart hotel for Medina airport before Fajr prayers Insha Allah then for JFK
Thursday 30 Aug
Arrive JFK airport 16:30 hrs Insha Allah (4:30 pm)

Hajj Mabroor and sins forgiven insha Allah. May Allah accept the Hajj from all Hajjis

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