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When we took on abu muaaz hajj, we never looked back. We had no regrets after witnessing the tremendous services. We were advised to go with abu muaaz, and now we look forward to go again insha Allah.
From wht we are hearing this is the best group all round. Food, transportation, hotels, Mina tents and much more. We have seen it all and endorsed the great services of abu muaaz and recommend anyone to try them.

Alhamdulillah for abu muaaz Group. I cannot praise them enough!
Abu muaaz Tours constantly took care of each and everyone’s physical and practical needs during Hajj so that we were free to concentrate on the spiritual aspects. Everything that was within their ability to control went like clockwork and even when things were delayed they apologised when there was no need to do so, they also kept us informed of what is going on next. They really try to make their Hajjis experience their priority and nothing is too much trouble for this great team of trained staff who managed to smile and keep us motivated however tired we may be. Daily reminders and talks were never too long and very useful and informative. Shaikh Mahmoud was always there to explain any thing of importance, and answered our many questions on Hajj. I am so grateful to abu muaaz Tours for making my first Hajj so simple and ‘easy ‘and blessed. May Allah (swt) accept our duahs for every one of them, for all their efforts in making our Hajj very easy.

We went in 2009 with abu muaaz and things were a bit tough for abu muaaz due to the swine flu propaganda. Nevertheless, this was not our business, and Abu Muaaz tried his best to please all of us, and we made it OK, and then we went back in 2010 and stayed at a beautiful and new 3 star hotel, and received 5 star treatment both in Mecca and Medina. We noticed the vast improvement, Everything was well planned from transportation, food, hotels and movement of buses from one point to another. This group gave us extra meals and extra services in bus upgrades. We had sofa beds in AC tents in Mina with pillows and blankets, and lots of food. Our airline gave us priority check-in because of abu muaaz
We also received FREE Zam Zam water.
May Allah bless abu muaaz and his staff of well disciplined personel who provided the best of Hajj services. We recommend him to all prospective Hajjis

This is my best Hajj I have been very happy and pleased with all the wonderful arrangements. I recommend this company to anyone, anytime. It is really the best

Choosing Abu Muaaz Hajj and Umrah Tours to guide me on my first Hajj trip was the best decision I made. I highly recommend him to anyone going to Hajj. The accomodations are first class and everyone is well taken care of.
Imraan Ameerullah

You will have to come with abu muaaz at least once to see for yourself what wonderful services he has prepared for you. It is unlike other groups. I have been with other groups several times until I tried abu muaaz since 2008. Since then, I have not switched again.

Every year he adds something new for our enjoyment and comfort.

We recommend him any time.

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Before anything, I would like to encourage all Muslims to perform their hajj without delay when it becomes possible for them to do so. Hajj Mabrur to all the hujjaj.

When planning your trip, you should definitely consider that hajj is a challenging spiritual journey and not a cruise or vacation. Prepare as much as you can beforehand – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Read up on hajj and talk to others who have been on hajj about their experiences and advice.

Once you are on hajj, listen to your group leader(s), yet all remain fairly self-sufficient, and remain open, flexible and cooperative. Some of the advice I got before leaving was to be ready for any sort of test from Allah, to focus on the 99% positive, rather than the 1% negative, to realize that whatever hardships you go through those who made hajj before you went through much greater hardships, and to think about how you can serve others rather than on how you can be served.

This year (2012) was my first ever hajj. I actually used this site (hajjratings.com) to select my group – Abu Muazz Hajj and Umrah – because of its high ratings and also because I felt I got a good variety of comments which gave me a sense of what to expect. (I appreciate hajjratings.com for developing this site.)

I also noticed the high number of people who return to make hajj with this group year after year as well as the staff who have been with them for a long time. This commitment and loyalty was a very positive indicator to me, that bore out in reality.

Having returned this month from hajj with Abu Muaaz group, I highly recommend these services. I had an excellent experience on hajj, alhamdulillah. It was better than I could have dreamed. If Allah swt permits me to return on umrah or hajj, I will choose Abu Muaaz group.

It may not be useful to describe particular hotels or accommodations, because they change depending on package. However, I will say I was very pleased with the accommodations. Our first hotel in Mecca was a short 5 minute walk to the haram, and the hotel in Medina was similarly a 5 minute walk to the masjid un nabawi. The food and snacks were always excellent and plentiful, and there was always plenty of water, tea, coffee, and juice.

You have to remember that the hajj itself is basically a camping trip into the desert with millions of other people, so adjust your thinking accordingly. A lot of behind the scenes planning and coordination by Abu Muaaz makes that adjustment go as smoothly as possible, alhamdulillah.

One of the strengths of the group is the experience and personality of the leader (Abu Muaaz). The logistics and responsibilities are enormous but Abu Muaaz is made for this, mashaAllah. We always felt strong leadership and a protective caring throughout our stay. These kinds of qualities are needed from the leadership on a hajj trip.

On hajj, the quality of the tour group you select is measured not in luxuries or fancy talks, but in the ability to handle during hajj itself the ever-changing and challenging logistics in the smartest possible manner that allows you to fulfill your duties for hajj. One sign that Abu Muaaz has great experience and ability in this was that our group was always among the first to arrive for any of the stages of hajj. For example, we were among the first to Arafat, Muzdalifah and back to Mina. That meant we were always in place for performing our duties, without rush, while being among the first groups to find places, settle in our bags, use the restrooms, get tea/coffee, and so forth.

There will always be challenges. These are either unforeseen circumstances out of anyone’s control, that the group has to adjust to and solve. Or they are personal tests that Allah swt selects for the individual on hajj, and they too are outside of the control of the group you select and would happen to you no matter which group you go on. One of the journeys on hajj is striving to achieve more patience and reliance on Allah swt, and to appreciate all that Allah swt gives you.

Whatever was in Abu Muaaz control to do for our group, he did it with excellence. Again, a lot of this is behind the scenes. A small example, was on the trip back, we had a nearly overnight stay scheduled in Amman airport waiting for our plane to JFK. We could have been left at the airport to sleep or wander around over there, instead we were bused to 5 star accommodations for much-needed sleep for part of the night, hot showers, and hotel breakfast in the morning, even though this was not promised on the package. We got back for our flight in the morning well-rested and ready to go.

These are a few glimpses into my experiences with the Abu Muaaz Hajj and Umrah group. Again, I highly recommend this group and would not hesitate to travel with them again on hajj or umrah.

May Allah swt grant us and you the accepted hajj. Ameen.

Both my wife and I did hajj with Abu Muaaz this year. All what I want to say is that we came back happy and very thankful to the effort made by Abu Muaaz to make our hajj as easy as possible. No deception at all and the man did what he promised to do.

Jazak Allah Kheiran Abu Muaaz

We’ll start off by saying that the best way to prepare for Hajj is NOT by researching various Hajj groups extensively and trying to find the best package. The focus should be on spiritual preparation, by educating yourself about the history and rituals of Hajj and building up lots of taqwa and patience. Don’t rely on your Hajj group to guarantee you an easy Hajj; rely only on Allah SWT and He will help you throughout your journey. From our experience, so many miracles happened where Allah SWT opened up doors in tough situations which we had not imagined! Pick a Hajj group, pray istikhara, and leave the rest to Allah SWT. 🙂

Now a detailed review on Abu Mu’aaz:

Abu Mu’aaz (yes, Abu Muaaz Khan is his real name) is originally from Guyana and lived in Saudi Arabia for 15 years, so he is very familiar with Saudi and knows lots of inside tricks to facilitate your Hajj. He has 3 rules: 1) Always follow instructions, 2) Always follow instructions, and 3) Always follow instructions!! Starting with the months before Hajj, be sure to get your deposits in on time and also be aware that he may not respond to your emails immediately.

Throughout our entire trip, Abu Mu’aaz used his experience to keep things running smoothly and on time. When we first arrived, we were in and out of the Jeddah Hajj terminal in record time. We were ALWAYS the first group to arrive in Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah, which is a huge advantage because we had first dibs on the bathrooms (which became very dirty as more people arrived and used them). Also, the Saudi government provides buses for Hajjis’ transportation, but Abu Mu’aaz upgraded those buses several times to make sure we had plenty of space and a comfortable ride, using money which he could have pocketed but he spent for our sake instead.

Food and water were always abundant, even in Mina and Arafat. In the 5-star hotels in Makkah and Madina, our package included 2 meals a day but Abu Mu’aaz would often give us a free third meal out of his own pocket.

The 5-star hotels in Makkah and Madina were very close to the Harams – just a few minutes’ walk. Even from the Azizia apartments, it was a 5-minute taxi ride (unless there was traffic — then it could take up to an hour). His Azizia apartments are a big downgrade compared to the 5-star hotels but you still get the basic amenities you need – American bathrooms, food, bed, and air conditioning.

In any hajj group, there will always be people who complain about every stage of Hajj and how unhappy they are. The truth is that it’s not Abu Mu’aaz’s job to hold our hand every single step of the way, but some people come to Hajj with that expectation. Hajj is an individual struggle and NOT a vacation. You will have to use many gross bathrooms, walk a lot, sweat a lot, and wait a lot. Be prepared, don’t blame Abu Mu’aaz if something doesn’t go as planned, and most importantly rely on Allah SWT to take care of you when you come visit His house 🙂

We are first timers, but we know about the Hajj from other family members, and each of them had something negative to say about their Hajj Groups. We were somewhat scared, and confused and did not know how to choose a Group until someone mentioned Abu Muaaz. We called him and he was firm and expalined all the details, and what we will get for our money. We never regret one moment. He was knowledgeable, knows the secrets of how to make things easy. He delivered everything he promised. He gave us two main complimentary meals in Medina Hotel. He gave us extra meals in Makkah. We had enough bottled water in Makkah, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafah. Food and drinks were in abundance. Abu Muaaz gave us upgraded VIP buses from Makkah to Medina, and also from Medina to Jeddah.

May Allah bless abu muaaz and his Hajj company. We will go again insha Allah with abu muaaz

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