General Advice & Matters of Great Importance

General Advice & Matters of Great Importance 
The following is incumbent upon the Muhrim for Hajj or Umrah:

1. To be conscious at all times, of his religious obligations towards Allah, The Almighty, such as prayer in its earliest time and in congregation. (for males).

2. To avoid all things that Allah has prohibited, such as obscenity, wickedness, inequity, and disobedience, as Allah says:  “If anyone undertakes Hajj therein, let there be no obscenity, nor wickedness, nor wrangling during Hajj”  [2:197].

3. That he avoids harming the Muslims with words or actions especially within the Masha’ir (the Holy Shrines) or elsewhere.

4. That he abides by all of the restrictions of Ihram :

a. He should not clip or cut his hair or nails while in this state A prick by a thorn and the like is unobjectionable, even if there is bleeding.

b. He should not perfume himself, his clothing, his food or his drink after entering Ihram. He should also abstain from cleansing himself with scented soap. There is no harm in what remains of the effect of perfume used prior to Niyatul Ihram.

c. He should not touch, kiss, etc. his spouse out of passion and, even worse, shouldn’t have sexual intercourse. This nullifies the Ihram.

d. He should not wed, or propose to a woman for himself or others. He must concentrate on Allah and the Great Hajj only.

e. He should not wear gloves, although there is no harm in wrapping the hands in cloth. This ruling goes for both men and women.


The following pertains specifically to men:

a. He should not cover his head with something that touches it, although there is no harm in using an umbrella, the roof of a car or tent for shade. There is also no harm in carrying his baggage on top of his head.

b. He should not wear a shirt, turban, hooded cloak trousers, or shoes. Only if he is unable (this does not apply today) to obtain an Ezar (lower garment) or sandals, can he wear trousers or shoes.

c. He should not wear anything with the same qualities and description of the above-mentioned, such as an Abaya, hat, undershirt, etc.

It is permissible for him to wear sandals, rings, glasses, a hearing aid. a watch, worn on his wrist or hung from his neck, or a speech aid.

It is permissible for him to cleanse himself with unscented cleansers and to wash and scratch his head and body, even if some of his hair falls unintentionally. In such a case there is no obligation on him for that.

A woman cannot wear a Niqab or Burqa’. The Sunnah is for her to uncover her face except if men, not related to her might see her, in which case it is obligatory for her to cover her face during Ihram.

Allah is the giver of success. He is Allah the Al-Mighty. We perform Hajj for His sake. We bow to no one but Him. We prostrate to no one but Him. We seek help only from Him. May His Blessings and Mercy be upon all of us. And may His Blessings & Mercy be upon our Prophet Muhammad, and all of his family and his noble companions.

Please direct any questions regarding Hajj & Umrah to Abu Mu’aaz. This article is only a guide how to perform the Hajj & Umrah according to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. We do not apply short cut to our Hajj. We do not have Express Hajj. We have Hajj according to the authentic Sunnah insha Allah.

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